October 10, 2009



We are going to Mexico.
Please join us!

This blog will be our main communcation tool while visiting Mexico on our Group Study Exchange 2009. So please feel free to comment our posts and give us compliments. We would like that.


Östersund sunday feeling

November 15, 2009

Mexico is now behind me, but all the time inside me and around me.

I have been at home for approxemately 15 hours and love to see my family again. My mexican music is on the cd and averywhere in the house are all the memories and things that I brought back with me. We have  hade such an amazing trip, much better than we could dream about!

I am happy to be home, but I have also a feeling of emptiness, when I think of everyone of our new friends that is so far away.

I really hope and believe that I will se many of You again, here in our country or in your beautiful country!

Love from Helena

So, the end is near…

November 11, 2009

We have just finished our breakfast at Junes wunderful home,  and we are now only hours from leaving this country that now has a certain place in our hearts.

Yesterday evening we had a great evening at a restaurant with many of our new friends, Carina, Rafael, Rafael, Gorge, Monica, Siegfried, Patricia, June, Monica, Jaime and Rocio. We were so pleased that so many of you could come and we never wanted the evening to finish. It was laughs and talks and plans for seing each other in the future but also tears and sorrows because we will be so far away from each other. We really hope that all of you, our new friends and families, understands how much you have given us and how greatful we are.

We are now heading towards the airport in less than one hour with our bags, Anna is just on the limit for 23 x 2 kg, but I think she vill pass without problems.

Goodbye Mexico and all our friends here. We would love to see you again in a close future!

Greetings with love from Helena

Now, Helena and I stay in Junes home in Mexico City. June and her daughter June have bigs hearts and really do things for peopel how really need helps. Today we all have visit a school just intil there they live. They live in a new area and neer there goas a road and on the other side of the road there is a area there that lives very poor people. June take us to the school because she feel a lot of the pupils there. That goes over 400 pupils there and they have only two toilets for all the pupils! The pupils have so little space, they sat 80 pupils in one classroom! They have a wall made of paper in the middle of the classroom so there was 40 pupils on one side and 40 pupils on the other side. The teatchers try to do there bests and really feel for the children and the childern really want to learn but it is not easy with so many pupils in a small room. Some of the classrooms have no roof and the hole school was built of diffrent materials and did not looks as a school, it looks more more like some corage. The children were happy but they need so much to the school and we really feel that we want to help them. So we had think a lot of them the hole day and this visit to the school gave us so much feelings that hole the day had been up-side-down for us. Leif said to them that he want to start a Rotary-project and help them. We must do that now! Now we have someting very importat to work fore and June will help us. Junes daughter June have another project that we will see tomorrow. Now we have seen the very poor side of Mexico and we are happy for that but unhappy for the situavations here. From Anna

We have had a marvellous time in Acapulco the passed weekend. We are so grateful that Arturo, a friend of Jaime Lavin that Maria and I stayed with a couple of weeks ago, brought us to his nice house in a summerhot place that was awake 24 h.

“It is amazing how everything can increase with balloons”, said Leif after the friday night disco, where we all had 1,5 meter long balloons in our hands to dance with. We felt very stiff compared to the mexicans on the dancefloor, but we did our best to move our hips. Back in Mexico city we said good bye to our beloved host families to move again, for the last time.


November 6, 2009

For the Mexicans it is easy ta say Maria because that name is the most common name here i Mexico. Anna is Ana and Helena is Elena but Leif is so diffrent for them to say. They say it many time and practice the name. Leif is Life and Love said one women in a Rotary club when we left because they like him very much. Sometimes Leif also is late but I think that’s not depend on Leif… Leif takes care of us, and sometimes we takes care of Leif. We help each other and enjoy our visit here i Mexico very much. Soon we are going home… But first a weekend in Accapulco! From Anna.

Going to Accapulco…

November 6, 2009

At 4 p.m today we are going to Accapulco! We leave the busy Mexico City and hope that we could have a sunny weekend at the beach in Acapulco. We hope that we can swim in the Pacific Sea and relax – we think we need that after tre very intensive weeks here in Mexico. But maybe it vill be like today. We thought that we had to spend two hours on boat in Xochimilco and just be there at the calm water. But it was very busy there with a lot of people how want to sell things to us, play music for us, cook for us and so on – from diffrent boats. I think that pepoel in Mexico City don’t know what it is to live alone and in silence. But the most pepoel from Sweden don’t know how it is to live in a so big city as Mexico City. Mexico City is 70 kilometers from north to south! It is almost like a distance from Falun to Gavle! We can’t imagine how big the city is! From Anna


November 6, 2009

Annas foton 174

The Mexican military school.

Annas foton 189

Outside the Antropology museum.

Annas foton 200

Anna in the Antropolgy museum.

Annas foton 296

Maria and Helena.

Annas foton 320

A Rotary activity.

Annas foton 336

The Teotihuacan pyramids.

Annas foton 343

Helena, Maria and Leif in the Archaeological Area of Teotihuacan.

Annas foton 358

We climb the pyramid!

Annas foton 471

We gave the Rotary Presedent a snap-box from Lima, Dalarna.